The Circle season 3 cast: where are they now?


The circle quickly became one of Netflix’s most successful original programs. It impressed viewers by offering a fresh take on the reality competition genre, with players communicating only via text and photo.

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The recently completed third season was one of the most well-received, with some refreshing new twists to the game, but the great cast is what really made the season stand out. And fans like to keep tabs on the cast members, many of whom are well-liked on social media.

michelle rider

Michelle Rider The Circle

While Michelle, unfortunately, didn’t find much success in reality TV lasting only three episodes on The circle, she found success in other areas. The Southern-based mother of four has a knack for comedy and is a stand-up comedian.


She is currently on a stand-up tour, with tickets available on her website. She also has a large TikTok fanbase, with over a million followers on her account. Diehard fans can also book a cameo from the artist. She’s clearly made the most of her short stint on the show.

Ava & Chanel Marie Capra

Chanel Ava Capra The Circle

The proudly Italian sister duo helped pull off one of the biggest twists in The circle‘s season 3 when they managed to clone Michelle’s profile to get her out, but the pair ended up following her, coming out second. However, they’ve done quite a bit since their limited time on the show.

Both remain attached at the hip, as Chanel co-founded entertainment company Bella Mafia Entertainment, where she also directs and produces content. Ava is one of the biggest hits in the business as she has over 250,000 followers on her Instagram which she built by singing and modeling. Chanel, while only having 14,000 Instagram followers, helped direct some of her sister’s videos and even got to meet the late great rapper DMX.

Calvin Kiing Crooks

Calvin Kiing Crooks in season 3 The Circle

Calvin was stuck on his season for arguably undeserved reasons, as he was generally liked by his castmates. His early exit did not faze him, however, as his always cheerful and positive attitude earned him a following in his life position. The circle.

He has kept a strong presence on all his social media platforms, where he most often posts about cooking, fashion and fitness. He’s a professional chef who can be booked, and he also offers online advice and support for personal training. He seems to continue to have a healthy relationship with his best friend on the show, Kai.

Neighborhood Rachel

Rachel throws the peace sign in The Circle

Rachel, who performed under the catfishing alias “Jackson” and pulled off one of the best bromances on The circle, despite being female, has kept a relatively low profile online compared to her castmates. But she still has a presence.

Her Instagram has over 60,000 followers, which is by no means a small number. She does some advertising and influencer posting occasionally announcing a few select products, but she mostly posts travel photos or selfies with her friends. Some of his friends include others The circle former students, much to the delight of fans of the show. She also retained the media oversight role she had prior to her time on the show.

Ruksana Carroll

Ruksana dances during her introduction in The Circle

Ruksana was one of the most likable actors in Season 3 of The circle, so it’s no surprise that it has one of the most extensive online presences of any competitor. The mother-of-one continues to be a devoted and loving mother and wife, while advancing her career.

She was co-host of a podcast titled Homeland before moving on to vlogging on YouTube. Although she has been inactive on these platforms for a little while now, she is still a consistent poster child on both Instagram and TikTok where she posts relevant content with her family, appealing to the everyday person in her videos and photos, making it a great follow up. .

Daniel Cusimano

Daniel rests his chin on his hands during his introduction to The Circle

This season’s baby as the youngest contestant, Daniel has come a long way since his time on the show. The 21-year-old goes to drama school and dreams of acting, so a big social media presence could help him pursue his career and achieve his dreams.

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Daniel recently chronicled his semester at sea on Instagram, as he traveled across Europe while studying. He also continued to work as an interpreter at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. His Insta bio reads “reserved and busy,” and his posts back that up, as he’s constantly up to something, as evidenced by his online presence.

Nick Uhlenhuth

Nick Uhlenhuth in Netflix The Circle Season 3

Nick, an MIT graduate, was a lot of fun on the show and has continued to be since his departure, where his sense of humor has continued to shine.

Nick has moved to Austin, Texas since his new internet fame, and his Instagram is filled with content. He often posts drum videos, which is fitting since he downplayed his intelligence on the show, instead claiming that all he did was drums. He also has his own podcast, Stars and sweeps, where he talks about dating. According to her social media, and in darker news, her beloved dog, Bruce, sadly passed away recently. But he’s since adopted a new best friend, a Bernadoodle named Murphy.

Jacki Jing

Jacki raises her arms during her introduction to The Circle

Jacki came into the house already having a bit of an online presence as a Twitch streamer and has only grown her career ever since. She essentially doubled the number of followers on her Instagram account to over 60,000 followers and continues to stream on Twitch.

She is a member of Character Select Agency, which helps her build partnerships as an influencer. She has a YouTube channel where she has a bunch of The linked circle content, while also hosting his own podcast about the show and his own thoughts.

Ghost Kai

The Phantom Kai Circle

Kai graduated from the Nashville School of the Arts, so she clearly has a talent that can be used in the entertainment industry. She’s dabbled in different parts of it since her time on The circle.

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Kai is a singer-songwriter who has released a few songs on Spotify. She also launched her own IGTV talk show, On the couch with Kaiwhere she dives into lesser-known facts about the production and life on The circle, while discussing his own life with his fans. It certainly helped her, as she recently surpassed 100,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Sophie Layne

Considered one of Season 3’s most strategic contestants for her flawless catfishing as “Isabella,” Sophia has garnered a solid Instagram following of over 60,000. She also has 50,000 other followers on her TikTok, but has done a good job of keeping her personal life relatively private.

She does, however, maintain a constant presence online, often posting cute photos with her girlfriend. What else she’s up to, however, is mostly a mystery. Anyway, his Instagram is a good following, due to his funny posts and cute photos with his girlfriend and friends. She also makes cameos for her biggest supporters.

Matthew Papadia

Matthew AKA Matt Pappadia Ashley Season 3 In The Circle

Another of the greatest catfish in the history of the show, Matthew, also known as Ashley, has enjoyed immense success in his life after finishing second on The circle.

His Instagram account is one of the most popular among the show’s alumni, and he’s used this newfound notoriety to grow his business. A fitness enthusiast, Matt now owns his own gym, while also serving as CEO of fitness consultancy PAPSFitness. His musculature is one of his most identifying characteristics, and he was able to focus on it for immense personal success. He is also a model and has an incredibly cute dog, even more reasons to follow him.

James Andre Jefferson Jr.

James from Season Three of The Circle.

James ended up winning the season, which naturally led to him becoming season three’s most popular actor based on Instagram followers. He didn’t give fans any reason not to follow him though, as he continues to be entertaining and fun after the show.

He showed his comedic ability on the show and continued to do so. He did stand-up, while maintaining his image on YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. He also tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend and was spotted hanging out with the winner of Big brother 23 years old, Xavier Prather.

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