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Mutants have come a long way to get to where they are today. With the help of the X-Men, they now have an entire nation and planet to inhabit. With a nation, there must be some form of governing body to govern the mutant population and make decisions. Fortunately, Krakoa and Arakko have their own governance mechanisms. Each of them has their own members and their own way of governing their respective mutant nations.

Krakoa’s governing body is called the Silent Council while Arakko’s is known as the Great Ring of Arakko. In Immortal X-Men #3 (written by Kieron Gillan with artists Lucas Werneck, Dijo Lima and VC’s Clayton Cowles) and in X-Men Red #3 (written by Al Ewing with artists Stefano Caselli, Federico Blee and Ariana Maher from VC) readers learn about the difficulties that each respective board faced. While ruling entire populations of mutants is no easy task, it’s time to examine the political entities behind mutant nations and determine which is more effective in terms of decision-making for mutants.

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The Silent Council was set up to be Krakoa’s governing body by Magneto, Professor X, and Moira McTaggert. The council itself is divided into four sections of three seats each. Sections are named after the four seasons and each is representative of the values ​​The Quiet Council wishes to uphold. The three seats of Autumn represent the traditional and historical figures of the mutant genre. Apocalypse, Magneto, and Professor X were the original incumbents of these seats, however, the precognitive mutant Destiny took Apocalypse’s place after the events of Sword of X while Hope Summers took Magneto’s seat after his recent retirement. The three seats of Spring are representatives of the economic interests of Krakoa. These seats are occupied by members of the Hellfire Trading Company: Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and Kate Pryde.

Summer’s three seats are held by former X-Men Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Storm. They represent a more empathetic and level-headed approach to solving problems. Jean Grey, aka Marvel Girl, once held the seat of Colossus, however, she left the council to reform the X-Men. The Final Division holds Winter’s three seats. Mystique, Exodus, and Mr. Sinister occupy these seats, and they’re known to tread waters on the radical and zealous sides of mutant issues. Two other people are also present at board meetings. Krakoa, the island itself, represents its own interests with the mutant Cypher, acting as its voice.

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In the few years that Krakoa has been recognized as its own nation, the Silent Council has made great strides in securing mutant interests. Although the council made many good decisions, they are all overshadowed by the constant conflict between them. For example, Moira forbade the resurrection of mutants with precognitive abilities and for a long time prevented Destiny from resurrecting. Her lover, Mystique, had to go behind the council’s back and resurrect her in secret.

Eventually, Destiny was voted into the council, thanks to Mystique getting the votes she needed. After that, Magneto, Xavier, and Moira brought Emma Frost into their little cabal to try and turn things around, but Emma got angry because the trio had kept her in the dark for so long. As a result, the trio’s conspiracies with Moira were exposed to the rest of the council while Xavier and Magneto were unwell. Everyone apparently has their own agenda and doesn’t always work well in a group when it comes to making decisions.

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Meanwhile, the Great Ring of Arakko has been active for over a thousand years and operates on a much different scale. Arakko’s long history is steeped in war and violence, so it makes sense to structure a government based on these concepts. Their council is divided into four sections of three seats each, similar to the Silent Council. Additionally, seats are also given names with specific responsibilities given to whoever sits in them. The first section is called Dawn and is delayed in wartime. Isca the Undefeated holds the seat of Victor while Idyll The Future Seer holds the seat of Stalemate. Recently, Magneto won the Seat of Loss in battle from former Seat Holder Tarn the Uncaring.

The day is postponed to times of peace. Lactuca the Knower sits in the seat above us, Sobunar of the Deep sits in the seat below us, and Storm holds the highest and mightiest seat, the seat of all around us. Because of her positions, she can vote twice in some cases. There is also a section known as Dusk. The three members are consulted on matters of law, history and the arts. The last section is called Night. Its members are kept secret and have their own objectives. As Krakoa is able to represent himself, so is Arakko. As a sentient being, he is able to voice his opinions through his representative, Redroot the Forest. Unfortunately, she was captured during the X of Swords and is being held in Otherworld.

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Based on the overall council structure, roles, and experience, it can be inferred that the Great Ring is better suited to rule the mutant kind. He hasn’t been featured much in the X-Men comics, but from what readers have learned from the series Red X-Men, it can be inferred that backstabbing and secret conspiracies are not as prevalent among council members. Each has a specific role to play and a certain topic to consult, which ensures that everyone stays in their lane. Although they disagree on many issues, they all have respect for each other, as well as for Storm who is considered the regent of Arakko.

Of course, no governing body is without flaws, and even though the Great Ring seems inferior to the Silent Council, that doesn’t mean it’s doomed. The restructuring of the Silent Council would be a good solution to all the dramas among the members. It doesn’t help that all of the council members have formed some sort of relationship, whether as friends, enemies, or a bit of both. The story between everyone has given way to error. If the council were made up of impartial mutants with no backgrounds between them, it would prevent conspiratorial factions from forming. The Silent Council is still young, so there is hope for future reform.

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