The church in the city center displays an “all-inclusive nursery”

INDIANAPOLIS – Christ Church Cathedral located downtown at Monument Circle, marks the Christmas season in a unique way this year with what’s called an ‘all inclusive’ nativity scene.

“Thinking of our neighbors on The Circle, who would look at our nursery, what would they see? Said Mariann Scott, director of community relations.

The crib is surrounded by an iconography created by the artist Kelly Latimore.

“Would they see themselves reflected? Thinking about it a little longer, I thought, well, we have to add to our nursery, which is still beautiful and charming and everyone appreciates it, but can you see yourself more that way than before? “

Two icons reflect Mary and Jesus, one African-American representation and the other Asian. The other two icons represent the Holy Family, one seen as a Holy Family in the streets, and the other is a refugee Holy Family.

This is the first year that Christ Church has included multiple cultures and ethnicities in its manger, and so far it has received positive feedback.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback,” Scott said. “I think people see and appreciate our house of prayer as we are open and a multidimensional, multicultural congregation.”

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