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The creative process, for many, requires intimacy in the first moments of inspiration. Sharing ideas is good, but there is a time and place for everything, and in the initial stages of the creative process, a tremendous sense of creative freedom comes from knowing that the written words will not be broadcast in the world, whether explicitly by being shared on social platforms, or implicitly by being stored in the cloud elsewhere.

You don’t even need to create an account to use Note Simple and all of its features. Just launch the app and start writing.

When you’re ready, notes can be easily exported in bulk, without using the cloud.

You might like to share a note. Each note can be easily shared with other text apps.

It is hoped that providing you with this safe environment to write will be a refreshing experience of privacy and allow for more free and comfortable expression, which in turn will be better content you create.

Main characteristics
– A clean and clear space to write
– Notes are only on the device on which they were created
– Export and delete notes individually or in bulk
– Export via iTunes file sharing
– Pinch to enlarge the text. Can be used to easily present or keep private notes
– Easily duplicate notes
– Exported notes are time stamped to facilitate sorting in order of creation
– Friendly formatting support for plain text markup
– Writing space optimized for wireless keyboards
– Complete and completely offline
– No account creation necessary
– Optionally include a localization stamp on the notes
– Easily share notes with other apps
– All features are available for free and without ads.

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