Shrista Tyree’s viral photobomb comes full circle

If you follow local TikTok channels, you’ve already heard of the epic November photobomb, when rapper, comedian and host Shrista Tyree was going about her own business: taking a promotional photo in the industrial estate. from the south-east. An Amtrak driver slipped unmoved into the shot.

“We just saw the train arrive and we thought it would be difficult to enter the photo, we weren’t expecting to be photobombed,” Shrista said in a press release. In the photo, conductor Michael Wheelon can be seen hanging from a train window and giving a peace sign.

Tyree and her photographer, Richy Leafs, didn’t even record what happened back then. But when Leafs saw the shots again, he caught the unexpected scene. Coincidentally, Tyree’s manager Deandre Woods was taking a video while filming and they combined it with the photo to make a fun TikTok that went viral unexpectedly – now up to 8.5 million views.

After the short video went viral, the wife of the bombing driver messaged Tyree and helped schedule a meeting so that, in Tyree’s words, they could “get it right this time.” Tyree and Wheelon met at Union Station where they posed for a cool squat photo and talked about local rap. They filmed the encounter with the Portland Cross the Street Youtube show, which highlights local creatives, to dispel rumors the photo had been photoshopped or planned.

The video begins with Tyree asking, “Why the hell did you photobomb me?” Wheelon replied that he does it all the time in busy city hallways. “Going in and out of town here, there are all these level crossings, people hanging around. I always wave people and give them peace signs – I just try to make it fun, ”he said.

At the station, Tyree and Wheelon had fans. Tyree laughed when she heard someone at the station say, “Oh shit, this is the TikTok.”

Watch the entire meeting below, assured that there was in fact no conspiracy, only coincidences of conductors wishing for world peace. If you are not familiar with Tyree’s work, she was voted third best local actress in WWPortland’s Top Readers 2020 Survey. Before the pandemic, she also ran an open rap mic called Late Lyrics.

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