Rihanna’s makeup artist breaks down the TikTok trend of using pink lipstick to cover dark circles


Watching TikTok videos of people swiping red and pink lipstick under their eyes is endlessly entertaining. It looks out of the box, and it is, but for some people it’s a miracle hack to hide dark circles and have glowing eyes and a bushy tail. Celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono – she’s Rihanna’s go-to and global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty – uses a similar technique on RiRi, and says there’s a new product launch that will make the hack even easier to pull off. Here’s the scoop.

“This trend is going crazy on TikTok right now,” says Ono. “People literally take pink lipstick and mix it with their concealer and apply it under their eyes, or mix pink blush with their powder under their eyes to create this kind of blurry look. Color correction really comes down to the color wheel: we makeup artists use it to see what the opposite colors are. The opposite of red is green, so red will really help correct green veins or dark circles under the eyes, and pink is a shade of red.

Ono highlights Fenty Beauty’s all-new Match Stix concealer skinsticks ($28) in four shades — rose quartz, banana, peach, and pumpkin — which are designed to brighten and neutralize dark circles under eyes and discoloration before applying foundation of complexion. “I think Rose Quartz will be a heavy hitter when people get their hands on it, because it almost gives you that pink effect under your eyes right off the bat, so don’t mix up your lipstick and concealer anymore,” Ono says. “On fair skin, it’s gorgeous – it’s your perfect highlighter shade that will get rid of any gray or green under the eyes and make them pop.”

On Rihanna, Ono uses the shade Peach, which she says works best on medium-tanned skin. “Pink is more for fair skin, peach is good for medium-tanned skin, banana is also good for tanned skin, and pumpkin is good for deep skin. Essentially, every skin tone category has its perfect lightening shade. , and your skin tone is important because each skin tone has a different undertone in problem areas, such as under the eyes being more green than purple.Although Banana is yellow and does not belong to the rose-red family, it does is for a good reason: “The yellow cancels out the purple,” says Ono. “A lot of times, people with tanned skin have that blue-purple tone under their eyes, which helps cancel it out.”

If you’re not sure which one is best for you, on the brand’s website you can see which Match Stix color corrector works for you based on the shade of Fenty foundation you’re using (click on each shade and a chart will appear in the left image bar).

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