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Saturday evening, Denver comes to life returned for his second annual installment in Denver, CO Mission ballroom. For more than seven hours, an eclectic parade of nationally touring acts and special collaborations filled the air in a sprawling venue.

The festivities started early with a funk-focused set from DJ logic As fans arrived, many stopped by the various nonprofit activations of Number of heads, GrooveSafe, and Conscious Alliance as they entered the state-of-the-art ballroom. The rear of the house remained active through the night as attendees spoke with the event’s various charitable partners and visited a gallery of the famous New Orleans-based painter. French, who also painted each of the evening’s performances live.

Hollywood rocker funk Judith Hill and his “family” group were the first group to take the stage. Supported by her talented group, which stars her father, Robert Lee’s “Pee Wee” Hill, on bass and his mother, Michiko Hill, keyboards and organ. Judith led the veteran outfit with touching charisma, throwing mind-blowing guitar solos and occasionally sitting at the piano as she showed Denver fans on new tracks like “Baby, I’m Hollywood” and tracks. older like “Gypsy Lover”.

Then there was a disco-jam dance party by Circles around the sun, who worked on his catalog of “Grateful-Dead-turned-inside-out” instrumental originals with amazing cohesion and inventive musicality. Since the death of the founding guitarist Neal casal in 2019, the group welcomed a rotating cast of lead guitarists into the fold.

As a keyboardist Adam macdougall Recount Live for live music in a 2020 interview, “As long as the person has a strong voice and is confident in what they do and excellent at what they do, then it could be anyone. Maybe a horn player. Maybe a keyboard player. It could be anything. It’ll never be Neal, [drummer] Mark [Levy], [bassist] Dan Horne and me — the group that it was—[so] you might as well play with it. To close the set at Denver Comes Alive, Circles Around The Sun welcomed the guitarist Eric krasno—The first person to take Neal’s mantle with CATS after his death — to join a new band member John lee shannon for a double guitar attack on “Babyman”.

From there, Big Easy multiple hyphenation exports Tank and the Bangas reminded Denver Comes Alive attendees how beautiful they are with a mind cleansing session. Led by an ever emotional singer / rapper / poet Tarriona ‘tank’ ball, the seven-piece outfit brought the love, energy and grateful philosophy of the Big Easy to Denver, the same intangible spirit that inspired and continues to guide the Comes Alive series of events.

The Grammy-nominated New Orleans outfit kept the crowd going as Tank guided the talented group through old favorites like “Quick”, new bangers like Grand Freedia collaboration “Big”, and the ethereal spoken poem that closed their famous Small office concert, “Russian mountains”. Tank and the Bangas have been painstaking in displaying the breadth of their stylistic range, from soul and funk to jazz and hip-hop throughout the set. Despite everything, they managed to surprise the crowd one last time with their closing song: Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Tank and the Bangas – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana) – Denver Comes Alive – 12/4/21

[Video: starman2112 rush]

Finally, after an introduction from the host of the event Ari fink (SiriusXM), Newly Formed Star Outfit Hiking on the clock took the stage for his very first performance. Composed of guitarist / musical director Eric Krasno (Soulive), bassist Eye Burbridge (Dead & Company. Allman Brothers Band), guitarist Steve kimock (The Others) and Eric krasno (Soulive), keyboardist holly bowling (Ghost Light), drummer Jeff Sipe (Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit), saxophonist Skerik, and singer / trumpeter Jennifer hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band), the group was designed as a vessel to explore the fertile musical ground between catalogs Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful death.

Choosing to start things off on a completely different footing, the new outfit opened its first performance with Janis Joplin“Piece of My Heart”, brilliantly sung by Hartswick. Without slowing down, the band went from there to “Fire On The Mountain” by The Dead, Oteil leading the way for vocals (much like he does with Death & Company) while Kimock channeled Jerry garcia with its arsenal of tasteful tones. Yet another streak took the group to Allmans’ “Blue Sky”, with Krasno and Kimock reverently recreating Dickey betts and Duane Allmanthe guitar harmonies of.

Ramble On Revival – “Fire On The Mountain” (Grateful Dead)> Blue Sky (Allman Brothers Band) – Denver Comes Alive – 12/4/21

[Video: coloartist]

Ramble On Revival once again veered off the Dead / Allmans track for a funky ride through Eye and the peacemakers instrumental “Butter Biscuit”, Skerik making known his eccentric presence with a saxophone solo to effects. The audience roared in approval as the band embarked on ABB’s classic instrumental “Hot ‘Lanta,” which featured not one, not two, but three searing guitar solos (courtesy of Skerik’s well-used guitar synth ). Krasno then went on the mic for The Dead’s “Deal” followed by a Hartswick-led performance of The Allmans ‘”Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More”.

A bouncy “Shakedown Street” served as the meat of improvisation in the performance, spanning nearly twenty minutes of dissonant tension and satisfying release as each member of the group took a long time to shine. After the memorable search, the group delivered a fiery version of “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” before leaving the stage. Finally accessing the cheers of the Denver Comes Alive crowd, Ramble On Revival returned and passed the ball to Hartswick for a heart-wrenching rendition of Garcia / Hunter’s gem “Brokedown Palace” adorned with puffy bowling piano flourishes.

Farewell, Denver Comes Alive. See you next time.

Ramble On Revival – Denver Comes Alive – Mission Ballroom

Setlist: Ramble On Revival | Denver comes to life | Mission Ballroom | Denver, CO | 04/12/21

Set: Piece of my Heart (Janis Joplin)> Fire On The Mountain (Grateful Dead)> Blue Sky (Allman Brothers Band), Butter Biscuit (Oteil & The Peacemakers), Hot ‘Lanta (Allman Brothers Band), Deal (Grateful Dead )), Ain’t Wastin ‘Time No More (Allman Brothers Band), Mountain Jam (Allman Brothers Band), Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead), Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers Band), In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Allman Brothers Band) )

Again: Brokedown Palace (Grateful Dead)

Scroll down for Denver Comes Alive 2021 Photo Galleries Via Photographers Angie ricciotti (Wild Muse Media), Alden’s Bone Cutter, and David Traceur (Tracer Rock Photography).

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