Magic Circle Honorary Vice President Receives 102-Year-Old MBE

4:13 p.m. January 30, 2022

A 102-year-old magician, whose interest began when he found a magic book in a rubbish heap in Hackney as a youngster, has been awarded an MBE.

Henry Lewis, Honorary Vice-President of the Magic Circle, received the Royal Honor from the Duke of Cambridge at Windsor Castle for his services to fundraising and charitable causes.

The centenarian, who lives in an assisted living facility in north London, got up from his wheelchair to collect the medal at Tuesday’s ceremony.

Afterwards, Mr. Lewis was visibly touched when he said, “It’s all very beautiful and I’m very happy with it.

“I am very surprised to have ever had it”.

Explaining how magic enabled him to raise funds throughout his life, he said: “Magic was one of my hobbies. It was never my job, but it made a lot of money all over the world.

“I played in Canada. I played in Denmark; Israel; in Massachusetts in two very large theaters. So I had a very, very good life compared to most others and I did a lot in it.

When asked if he still did magic, Mr Lewis said he had recently put on a show at the assisted living facility where he lived.

He joked: “They complained about it. It was too short.

“The best part of magic is that people enjoy it.”

Asked about his secret to a long life, Mr Lewis said: “Don’t be sneaky. Go to bed at night, think about what you did during the day.

“Think about what you will do the next day and when you wake up, do it.

“And never be jealous or envious of others or their property.

“If you are like that, you will be happy.”

Megan Swann, President of The Magic Circle – an organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic – said, “I’m sure all of our members will join me in congratulating Henry on this well-appointed honor. deserved.

“He has helped society in so many ways over the years. He has been a fundraising artist and has used his skills as a professional auctioneer on our behalf.

“He was the executive curator of our museum, cataloged our extensive collection of magical artifacts and notably in 1998 loaned £100,000 interest free to help fund our headquarters.”

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