Juice Wrld’s mom opens up about her struggles and inner circle

It’s been two years since the music industry lost award-winning rapper Juice WRLD to an overdose. The late rapper’s mother Carmela Wallace took to Tamron Hall on Tuesday to discuss her son’s drug and addiction issues, concerns about those around him at the time of his death, and how she hopes her death will not be in vain.

Wallace said she worried about her son (real name Jarad Anthony Higgins) in the months leading up to his death, sharing that she believed he was ready to go to rehab in September before his death, saying: “I could tell that there was a difference in him and that he wasn’t lean. I think he was still on the pills, but he told me he was ready to get help. It was just a special moment. We just had that moment when I knew he was going to overcome it.

She also said that she believes that some of her relatives allow her to choose her lifestyle. “I just felt like his best interest was not being watched. I think people had their own agendas. I think they liked the lifestyle. And they were young too, so I have to give them that. They are young so they don’t see it the way we would but I just think he just didn’t have the people in place to tell him to stop or to know [what was really wrong]. He just didn’t have that support system in place.

She noted that the artist had struggled with mental health issues for years before her overdose, which prompted her to form the Live Free 999 organization, a nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering health programs. support that provides preventive measures and positive avenues to address. mental health issues and substance dependence, especially for people who may not have access to such services.

The documentary Juice WRLD, In the abyss, is currently available on HBO.

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