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BOROUGH OF DARBY – The Friendship Circle Senior Center held its annual holiday party last week. Over 70 members from across the community attended the festivities, so they could share great food, fun and laughter.

Christine Helmandollar, director of Friendship Circle, said. “As the holiday season approaches, it is important for seniors isolated during the pandemic to come together and engage with friends and family. Here at Friendship Circle Senior Center, we’re celebrating by throwing a pretty special party.

Throughout the pandemic, the Friendship Circle Senior Center has promoted the independent safety and well-being of their elders by providing take-out meals, home meals on wheels, and opening their doors and enforcing distancing social. Friendship Circle is located in the parking lot of the Trinity-Mercy Catholic Campus on Lansdowne Avenue, Darby. For more information on Friendship Circle, call 610-237-6222 or visit

Media-Providence Friends School announces 2022-2023 preschool program for 2-year-olds

Media-Providence Friends School announces the expansion of its preschool program, open to 2-year-olds for the 2022-2023 school year. This first class of two-year-old preschoolers will join the school’s 3- and 4-year-old preschool classes for a Quaker values-based friends education in the heart of downtown Media.

From Grades 2 to 8, MPFS awakens the passion and potential of all individuals within a welcoming and diverse community driven by Quaker values. From the age of two, research shows that the younger school years are the most crucial in developing a student’s positive attitude toward learning. Starting with the two-year program and continuing into the junior and senior high school classes, MPFS states that it strives to develop the independence, resilience, confidence and curiosity that distinguish graduates and make them want to learn. In a safe and nurturing learning environment, MPFS preschool and specialist teachers arouse children’s natural curiosity, helping them build self-confidence as they explore the world and find the pleasure of learning.

The MPFS Preschool Program is a three-year sequential program starting at age two that encompasses social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Over the course of a school day, balanced between free play and learning through carefully structured multi-sensory lessons, the child-centered curriculum provides a solid foundation for basic skills in literacy, math, science, social science, art, physical education, Spanish and music.

Potential families are invited to register for the next MPFS Live Virtual Open House at To learn more, visit or contact Angela DiMaria, vice-principal of the school, at 610-565-1960, ext 104.

Media Mayor named “Global Statesman of the Year 2021”

Media Borough Mayor Bob McMahon was recently honored by the US Global Leadership Coalition as 2021 Global Statesman of the Year for 2021. McMahon was recognized for his advocacy work for global leadership United States as an effective approach to strengthening local communities in our country.

The mayor currently sits on the advisory committee of the UGLSC in Pennsylvania. The USGLC paid tribute to mayors across America during its virtual 2021 tribute celebration on December 7.

Former US Senator Norm Coleman, co-chair of USGLC, and Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and head of Bloomberg Philanthropies, joined USGLC’s Tribute to America’s Mayors, which highlighted McMahon among a bipartisan group of mayors from across the country honored for their leadership.
McMahon, a Democrat, has served the Borough of Media since 1982 and has been Mayor of Media since 1992. His partnership with the US Global Leadership Coalition began after serving in the Vietnam War where he was tasked with negotiating diplomacy and peace. public security. in three Vietnamese villages. McMahon saw the value of diplomacy and development among the sometimes divergent Vietnamese people in the communities where he was stationed.

“The USGLC is a group that supports diplomacy internationally,” said McMahon. “They advocate for diplomacy and development among different and often disparate groups to prevent conflict and keep our nation safe. “

The US Global Leadership Coalition is working in the nation’s capital and across the country to strengthen America’s civilian tools – development and diplomacy – alongside defense. By advocating for a strong international affairs budget, the USGLC strives to make U.S. international affairs programs a keystone of U.S. foreign policy. The USGLC is a large influential network of 500 companies and NGOs; national security and foreign policy experts; and business, faith-based, academic and community leaders in all 50 states who support a power-smart approach of elevating development and diplomacy alongside defense to build a better and more secure world.

The Prospect Park Fourth of July association plans a bingo

Prospect Park Fourth of July will host Designer Bag Bingo, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday, January 29, at Prospect Park Masonic Lodge, 822 Lincoln Ave., Prospect Park. For information on how to get tickets for the fundraiser, visit the “Prospect Park Fourth of July Association” Facebook page or email [email protected]

Property Tax and Rent Reimbursement Program Deadline Approaches

Seniors and people with disabilities have until Friday, December 31 to claim rebates on property taxes and rents paid in 2020. The Departments of Revenue and Aging remind Pennsylvanians that rebates are available through the Rebate Program. property / rent tax, which benefits qualifying Pennsylvanians aged 65 and over; widows and widowers aged 50 and over; and people with disabilities aged 18 and over.

Eligible applicants are encouraged to visit to electronically file their expense claims. This is the best way to ensure that an application is filed by the deadline later this month.
Submission and application through myPATH is easy and does not require the person to create an account. Online filing gives instant confirmation that the application has been successfully filed. For those who wish to file on paper, they can download an application from

The income limit is $ 35,000 per year for homeowners and $ 15,000 per year for renters, and half of Social Security income is excluded. The maximum standard discount is $ 650, but additional discounts for some qualifying owners may bring the discounts up to $ 975. The Department of Revenue automatically calculates additional discounts for eligible homeowners.

The Property Tax / Rent Reimbursement Program is one of five programs supported by the Pennsylvania Lottery. Since the program’s inception in 1971, seniors and people with disabilities have received more than $ 7.1 billion in property tax and rent relief. The rebate program also receives funding from slot machine games.

Norwood Church Offers New Year’s Checkup for Relationships

The Emmanuel Lutheran Church and the Council for Relationships have worked together to provide local residents and their partners with a gift of healing and growth that lasts a lifetime and will make life more enjoyable. Using the tools provided by the program, each participant and his partner will experience a relationship assessment, a chance to reconnect on several subjects.

Sloan Previdi, LMSW, and Reverend Scott Lee will offer the three-day retreat, divided into three separate sessions of approximately one and a half hours for three consecutive Sundays on January 9, 16 and 23. Immanuel Lutheran is at 501 Chester Brochet, Norwood.

To register or get more information, call the church office at 610-586-5860 or email Pastor Lee at [email protected] or Sloan Previdi at [email protected]

Readers can email community news and photos to Peg DeGrassa at [email protected]

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