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After a year of restrictions, Fashion Week has been relaunched with designers switching from comfy loungewear to expression-based trends that highlighted the durability lost during the pandemic.

In London, well-known enduring designer Stella McCartney focused on sultry femininity as the inspiration for her collection in which she redefined sex appeal through sensations of softness and lightness.

“Stella McCartney showed off mushroom leather handbags and dedicated her entire collection to celebrating the mushroom, which is the future material of sustainable fashion,” said John Bartlett, director of the fashion program.

As designers like McCartney focused on sustainable development, Louis Vuitton saw a public protest during his show “Le Grand Bal of Time” in Paris. A climate activist from Extinction Rebellion interrupted the show with an “OVERCONSE = EXTINCTION” banner. The protester was escorted out of the lounge and Louis Vuitton has not since posted any comments.

“I admire the protester so much and I would like others to have the same courage to put such issues in the spotlight,” said Tracy Li ’25. Bartlett added: “Climate change is a real problem and the fashion industry definitely has a responsibility to tackle it. I applaud the protesters and hope to see more protests and activism in the industry. “

Dorothy Pishkur ’25 said: “The protest shows that big brands and companies need to do better and use less non-renewable sources”. She also mentioned that brands like Louis Vuitton need to be eco-friendly in aspects like sourcing and shipping as they help with the efforts.

The protester highlighted the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and the lavish fashion lifestyle that is driven by consumerism.

“This is a big deal and brands need to focus more on sustainable efforts to tackle climate change because this is not the only time this is happening,” said Rebbeca Dowling’25.

Previously, during Christian Dior’s Spring 2020 fashion show, a protester from the Extinction Rebellion group carried a yellow banner saying “WE ARE ALL VICTIMS OF FASHION”.

Although there was controversy surrounding fashion week, many refreshing ideas and trends emerged. In Milan, Fendi and Versace combined their brand’s signatures and closed Milan Fashion Week with a collaboration that also combined their names, “Fendace”.

“I enjoyed and really appreciated the idea of ​​two power plants working together,” Bartlett said. “We are all in there.”

Some notable trends in the different cities were low waist pants and cable trench coats. Bartlett especially liked the way Miu Miu showcased low-hip skirts in Paris, alluding to Britney Spears in 2000. Li was drawn to the twist trench coat, especially in this era when people still prefer ” comfort and ease of wearing ”. The construction details of the trench coats with a twist is an exceptional way to keep comfort, but at the same time, to show personality.

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