‘Euphoria’ Ep. 202 ‘Out of Touch’ Recap/Review


Last week’s episode of Euphoria showed us that people – even grandparents – will do whatever they can to protect their own. This week’s episode is no different, as the events of the past week carry over to the new episode. This week’s episode is about betrayal, trusting and protecting your loved ones. There are more and more secrets in store, and the gain becomes incredible. The storytelling, cinematography and acting have always been praised in Euphoria, and they continue this week.


Last week we saw Fez (Angus Cloud) smash a bottle into Nate’s (Jacob Elordi) face. Plus, we saw Nate and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) almost get caught fucking in the bathroom by Maddy (Alexa Demie). These things fold into the next episode and it makes for great entertainment as the main plot of the episode. Maddy notices Cassie’s desperation on her face after Nate gets attacked while they’re in the hospital. We also get a montage on Nate if he had met Cassie first, dialogued by Rue (Zendaya). We see a better version of Nate, one that isn’t evil. Either way, Maddy senses something and spends the episode trying to figure it out. All while Nate and Cassie do their best to hide the obvious.

Kat (Barbie Ferreira) is in a healthy relationship that is both admired and hated. Kat doesn’t feel the same way. She doesn’t know if she loves Ethan (Austin Abrams) or if she loves herself. She spends the episode in her own head fantasizing about what could be or what she wants. Let her fantasies take over her. She even envisions Ethan as a Viking, and it’s kind of fun. An interesting subplot of the episode and expanding on Kat’s sexual liberation, with a scene of women telling her to love herself.

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Rue and Jules (Hunter Schafer) are in a strange situation. After Jules finally meets Rue’s new friend Elliot (Dominic Fike) and finds out that Rue never told him she was in a relationship. We see how this affected both Elliot and Jules. Jules is just a little confused and Elliot tries to figure out if he really loves Rue. All the while, Rue is addicted to drugs and trying to figure out what exactly she’s doing. She goes to her NA meeting, where we see the reintroduction of Ali (Colman Domingo), her sponsor. He introduces himself to his mother Leslie Bennett (Nika King).

Much of the plot was that Nate’s father, Cal (Eric Dane), was trying to figure out exactly what sent Nate to the hospital, who did it, and why. He searches high and low, questions Cassie and Lexi (Maude Apatow), and even nags Nate about it. While Nate and Cassie deal with their own issues involving Maddy, and Fez must deal with Faye (Chloe Cherry) with Ashtray (Javon Walton). Eventually, Cal finds out who hurt Nate, and he makes a bizarre attempt to intimidate Fez. When he finally confronts Nate about it, he realizes there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Cal could very well be in trouble because Nate is now aware of his pedophile streak. It is here that the episode reaches its shocking conclusion.

Sam Levinson has a vision, and it’s beautiful. The aesthetics of Euphoria it is great art, and it is very pleasing. Levinson continues to run his show terrifically and push boundaries and boundaries as much as he can. Marcell Rev is a great cinematographer and this episode solidified him, the hospital scene is one of the greatest shots I’ve seen in a TV drama. Levinson’s script and continuity are also excellent, everything fits together.

As much as I enjoyed this episode of Euphoria, it was not perfect. The pacing could have been better, and there were times when things felt jittery. As cohesive as the show generally is, this one bounced around a lot. There was no central hearth as is usually the case, then a few sub-plots in the background. It may have worked for some, but for me it didn’t create that sense of importance. The Nate/Maddy/Cassie love triangle and the Nate/Cal/Fez kind of beef just didn’t seem as big as it should have.

It was a good episode though, and one that sets a good foundation for the rest of the season. This season is definitely getting more interesting as it goes on, and this episode raised a lot of questions. What’s Cal going to do knowing that Rue and Fez know his secret? And Mady? How will Nate handle the whole situation? There are a lot of things that could go wrong for everyone now. – Rascal F. Kennedy

Rating: 8/10

Euphoria premieres Sundays at 10pm/9c on HBO and HBO Max.

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