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In a few hours, Johanne Grundt Hansen will crown her successor as Miss Danmark at the Shiny Star in Valby, Copenhagen.

“Today is the day I have the great honor of passing on the beautiful crown. Although it may be a bit sad to have to pass on the title, I can’t wait to find the new winner and follow her on her journey. being Miss Denmark is a huge journey,” she wrote in a statement on social media.

Hosted by “Dancing with the Stars” presenter Claus Elming, tonight’s big finale show will be broadcast live on the Miss Denmark Facebook page from 8 p.m. local time.

Before the show, a red carpet event will be hosted by former Mr World Nicklas Pedersen and Julie Brink from 6.30pm.

Who will be the next Miss Denmark?

Here are the 33 Top 33 finalists vying for the national title:

Melina Mira – 18, from Albertslund, is a student and restaurant worker. She enjoys walking, running in nature, fashion, going out at night with friends, traveling and spending time with her family.

Michelle Desideriussen – 27 years old, from Kastrup, is a freelance seller and model. She enjoys running training, painting/drawing and immersing herself in new recipes in the kitchen. She has a great passion for animals and therefore enjoys spending her free time riding or training dogs.

Zaara Naaz Ahmed – 17, from Albertslund, is studying international economics and marketing and works as a model. Her interests include fitness, social media, family, music, dance and travel.

Mathilde Michelle Laursen – 17 years old, from Copenhagen, studies economics and works in his free time in a bakery. Her interests include education, experimenting, and spending time with family and friends.

Nicoline Kirstine Hansen – 19, from Hornsyld, is taking a sabbatical and working as a model, waiter and sales clerk. Her interests include disco dancing, friends, family, social media, community building and travel.

Warda Abdiaziz – 21, from Copenhagen, was born and raised in Fredericia but has roots in Somalia and Yemen. She is a nursing student and works in home care as well as facials and eyelash enhancements. His interests include travelling, football, painting/drawing and spending time with family and friends.

Karoline Sargent Nimgaard – 18 years old, from Strøby, is a student of social studies and English, works in a pharmacy and as a babysitter. She loves fashion, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

maja bach – 20 years old, from Kalundborg, is a skilled farmer. His interests include running, football, pigs, animal welfare, sustainability, cooking, outdoor activities in nature and spending time with friends and family.

Claire Schou Rasmussen – 20, from Solrød Strand, was born in China and adopted from Denmark when she was one year old. She is a structural engineering student at the Danish Technical University Ballerup and enjoys gymnastics, cooking, travelling, skiing and spending time with her friends, family and dog.

Mathilde Vangkilde – 18, from Næstved, is an international marketing student and restaurant employee. Her interests include horseback riding, fashion, travelling, running, and spending time with friends and family.

Camille Anderson – 25, from Copenhagen, works as a rheumatology nurse in a hospital and is also a private home nurse. Her interests include working out, travel, fashion, beauty, wellness and spending time with her dog Kenya, family and friends.

Lara Al Medrasi – is a 19-year-old student from Copenhagen. She is interested in business, personal development, animals, travel, books, family and fashion.

Jasmine El-Khodr – 23 years old, from Copenhagen, is a law student working in social legal aid as a pro bono legal adviser, pro bono work, and also as a mentor at the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Refugee Council. Her interests include travelling, drawing/painting, being active in legal communities, reading fiction, cooking and singing.

Victoria Arvin Lautrup – 26 years old, from Frederiksværk, works as a receptionist and training coordinator. She is a beautician by training and her interests include beauty care, being creative with makeup and hairstyles, running, walking, working out and being with her family and friends.

Hella Sofia Bach – 18, from Næstved, is a technical high school biotech student, salesman and tutor. Her interests include gymnastics, swimming, beauty, charity, travel and spending time with family and friends.

Banusha Baskaran – 22, from Struer, is a medical student at the University of Copenhagen and works as a substitute nurse. She is passionate about medical science and her interests include photography, baking, graphic design and music.

Miamia Isabel Langenbach – 26 years old, from Nykøbing Falster, is an educational assistant with children and young people in special and normal areas. She is passionate about helping children and young people and ensuring they thrive physically and mentally. Her interests include painting, experiencing the world, volunteering for the Red Cross and spending time with loved ones.

Cecilia Matine Larsen – 24, from Greve, is a passionate hairdresser who owns her own hair salon Matine Hair Design. In her spare time, she enjoys walking with her dog in the forest and on the beach, working out and spending time with her family and friends.

Rikke Skovly Petersen – 19 years old, from Roskilde, is a hostess and daily manager in a restaurant. She attended business school and a talent academy where she served as a student lecturer and board president. Her interests include travel, fashion, animals, beauty and being with friends and family.

Anniqa Jamal Iqbal – 20 years old, from Søborg, is a student of business economics and works as an attendant for various events. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling, drawing, applying makeup and doing her hair.

Rebecca Larsen – 24, from Agersø, is a freelancer and model. Growing up with two opposite parents, it has been a process for her to find her own path in life. When she was 20, she ran her own hostel in Sri Lanka. Her interests include modeling, karaoke, acting, creating places and creating creative projects, being with nature and sharing time with down-to-earth people.

Nadja Reinhardt Sjogaard – 23, from Århus, grew up in the countryside in a small town called Ferup. She travels a lot and works in a call center and with vulnerable children in a kindergarten. In September, she will begin studying marketing economics. She enjoys playing sports and spending time with her friends and family.

Ann-Sofie Bisgaard Christiansen – 17 years old, from Aalborg, is studying business economics and marketing and works in a café. She dreams of becoming a police officer and after high school she plans to do her military service because she likes challenges and being pushed physically. Her interests include boxing, fashion, spending time with family and friends, and travelling.

Helene Myrdal – 26 years old, from Aarhus, is a freight forwarder by training and works as Excellence Manager in a transport company. In her spare time she enjoys cheerleading, reading books, learning new languages, travelling, being with friends and family, playing on the computer, volunteering for a cancer foundation and teaching Danish to children. immigrants.

Jessica A. Pscheidt – 27 years old, from Copenhagen, is a mentor, freelancer and graduate with a BA in social/special education who works in social psychiatry. His interests include bodybuilding, nature, travel, swimming, performing arts and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys cultural, artistic and gastronomic experiences.

Josephine Amalie Pedersen – 18 years old, from Gilleleje, is studying economics and international markets and currently works in a bakery. Her interests include being with family and friends, books, travel, personal development and a keen interest in fitness, food and cooking.

Malou Peters – 20 years old, from Næstved, is an employee of a lingerie store and a substitute teacher. She aspires to discover the world. Her interests include knitting, fashion and health, and enjoy expressing herself creatively.

Thalia Ortiz Rasmussen – 21, from Grenaa/Sønderborg, is on sabbatical and currently works in a small house complex. She was born to a Danish father and a Mexican mother and grew up in the Danish minority in Flensburg, Germany. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, running and being fluent in Danish, German, Spanish and English.

Cecilie Frost Wittchen – 24, from Roskilde, is trained in sales and is building a career as a generalist at IKEA. She is very career conscious and always willing to develop herself personally. Her interests include spending time with friends and family, cooking, fashion, travel and animals.

Emilie Laerkegaard Andersen – from Odense, is a psychology student and builds scooters in her spare time. The 18-year-old enjoys spending time every day in the stable looking after her horse Alturo. She is a competitive horse rider and is keen on staying in shape both in the gym and in her sport.

Denise Hansen – 18 years old, from Vejle, is a certified tipping technician and a student. She dreams of pursuing studies in cosmetics and opening her own beauty universe where there is room for everyone, where there are no prejudices and where everyone will feel at ease. Her interests include all things beauty industry, racing, family and friends, being creative with eyelash making, nail press, jewelry and painting.

Sabine Hansen – 23 years old, grew up in Langeland and now lives in Svendborg. She will soon graduate as a materialist and undertake studies in multimedia design. His interests include bodybuilding, travel, and quality time with friends and family.

Stephanie Bagge – 18 years old, from Næstved, is a student and employee of a restaurant and a thrift store. After high school, she plans to take a sabbatical to work and travel with her family and friends. Her interests include beauty and makeup. She is a cancer activist and dreams of becoming a role model for other girls.

The next Miss Denmark will have the opportunity to represent her country at Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International.

Photos: Michael Oxkjær

Graphic design: Claire Tsang @clairesmile_dk

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