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Surreal and strong are the words expressed by many who have seen Lindsey Centracchio’s last 23 play, “Green in the Summer, Home” in the lobby of the Steel Plant Studio. The piece, premiered in fall 2021, brings together a mix of distinct color tones and delicate brushstrokes to create a synchronization of eye-catching artistic expression. It is clear that Centracchio is not a fan of the art world.

“It’s like I’m creating my own puzzle in a certain way and as I go, I connect more puzzle pieces until I know it’s finished,” Centracchio explained when asked him about his artistic process. “But I don’t know what those pieces of the puzzle will be until I do… you kind of keep going and as you go it makes more sense.”

Much like his artistic process, Centracchio’s artistic career has been filled with different types of puzzles. Through art as a medium, Centracchio was able to use the most formative moments of his life and express them through pieces that not only contain strong thematic nuances, but help him understand himself and others in class. of road.

It all started with a high school mural. “I noticed that in my school there were a lot of murals, but there are [was] not much diversity in the paintings. “said Centracchio. She wanted to use her art as a way to bring the community together.” So I painted a lacrosse player and then for my other I painted my friend who is Moroccan and I painted her in playing football and therefore there is a representation of the players [of color]. “From that moment on, Centracchio realized the impact his work could really have.

Centracchio then decided to go further. Her goal was to create a play that made her high school classmates really think about themselves and think about what was important to them. “I painted the whole hallway and made [these] cool abstract circles all over the hallway. I had one main centerpiece and it was […] a very ambiguous figure, ”Centracchio explained. Underneath the coin were the words “Love is…”. What does this mean to me? ‘”

Instead of painting an entire hallway or a mural, she sought to use her art as a medium of communication, through pure visualization rather than words told on the walls of her high school hallway.

In 2017 and 2018, Centracchio undertook a medical mission to Haiti. While there, she spent much of her time with the children who resided in the orphanage where she stayed. “Every day we were going to spend time with the kids and just bond with these kids,” Centracchio said. “I was not able to speak personally to all of them. Some of them could talk a little [of English], but most of them were kids or toddlers, so they can’t even speak anyway. “Centracchio wanted to capture the ways in which she was able to communicate with the children of Haiti through their facial expressions. So, she set out to photograph the children and the people with whom she was able to create a lasting relationship to remember who. they were and the time they spent together.

Centracchio took his own photographs and made a concentration of 12 pieces. She approached the project organically, seeking to portray the true expressions of each child.

“Every portrait that I did was someone who made an impact on me. So to be able to paint them and show their true beauty and be able to show the world how I see them. […] is really cool, “Centracchio said.” I think it’s really inspiring to see portraits and just think introspectively about yourself and those around you. “

Centracchio’s evolving passion for portraits led her to create one of his favorite pieces to date. One of his largest plays, “Distance”, features two women in a bath while wearing sunglasses. “I [wanted] focus on composition, depth of color and skin and appreciation in our objective way, ”she said, with the aim of testing her skills using a plethora of concepts and techniques. With a soft yet vibrant baby blue color throughout the piece, in contrast to the skin tones of the women, Centracchio is able to highlight the true meaning behind it.

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