Circle X Theater Co. Announces 2021-2022 Evolving Playwright Group Participants

Circle X Theater Co. has selected participants and mentors for the 2021-2022 Evolving Playwrights Group, a group of groundbreaking and provocative voices who will dedicate their time, energy and attention to the development of ambitious new plays.

“This year we have a brilliant group of writers engaged in exciting and new issues. We are thrilled to welcome them to the Circle X family and lend them our support as they strive to write their ‘impossible play’. “and push the boundaries of their own writing and what we imagine as theatre,” says Circle X Theater Company Artistic Director Jen Kays. other fantastic playwrights in our community and to provide a space for this wonderful group of artists to play, explore and challenge.”

Participants in the 2021-2022 Evolving Playwrights group include Eddie Borey, Lisa Sanaye Dring, Meg Miroshnik, Ramiz Monsef and James Anthony Tyler. The playwrights were selected by the Circle X literary team. Eddie Borey is paired with Giovanni Ortega, Lisa Sanaye Dring is paired with Carla Ching, Meg Miroshnik is paired with Dipika Guha, Ramiz Monsef is paired with Jim Leonard and James Anthony Tyler is paired with Christina Ham.

An evolution of Circle X Theater Co.’s long history of managing groups of playwrights to develop new works by writers in Los Angeles, the Evolving Playwrights Group aims to identify and support the provocative and diverse voices of the Los Angeles community to develop ambitious new works.

The Evolving Playwrights group meets every two weeks to share new pages and receive feedback from their fellow writers and Circle X artistic staff. Playwrights have the opportunity to lead cold reads, discuss crafts and relevant topics and to invite experts. In addition to cohort meetings, each writer is paired with another theater artist who acts as a mentor, collaborator, and resource throughout their tenure as a member of the Evolving Playwrights Group.

The five new plays developed by this year’s playwrights will conclude with a series of public readings featuring professional actors and directors.

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