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Take 29 songs from Joni Mitchell’s massive discography and re-conceptualize them, Circle game: reinventing the music of Joni Mitchell is an endearing take on the musical influence and continuing relevance of a Canadian legend.

On March 14, the Arts Club on Tour brings the music of Joni Mitchell to Chilliwack and shows it through the eyes and ears of a new generation.

The “re-imagination” of Mitchell’s work comes primarily from co-creator and director Andrew Cohen. His radical rearrangements of Mitchell’s classics give songs a new sound as he speeds up or slows down songs, rhythmically changes them, and even redistributes lines between multiple voices with innovative harmonies and counterpoints. Co-creator and director Anna Kuman brings her arrangements to life with her imaginative staging and lively choreography.

When they were kids, they listened to Joni’s vinyl records while their parents sang, happily out of tune, wondering what it was, Kuman and Cohen explained. Upon hearing his music again as young adults, they realized that the themes and images in his music were unlike anything they had heard before.

Nominated for three Jessie Richardson Awards, five Ovation Awards and won the 2018 Ovation Award for Outstanding Professional Production and Outstanding Musical Direction, Circle game is something incredibly special and not to be missed.

As they delved into Mitchell’s diverse canon and deep words, they became increasingly aware that this music, although written four or five decades ago, was much more than the sounds of their parents’ generation.

Those familiar with Mitchell’s work and those unfamiliar with him will be able to grasp the words that remain relevant despite the years, as the cast connects his influential music to the politics and world we know today. Kuman and Cohen Think Everyone Can Benefit Circle Game.

“Our hope for die-hard Joni fans and those less familiar with his work is that you leave the preconceptions at the door and allow yourself to live (or relive) the messages of his prose right now, in 2019, through the mouths of young people in their twenties, ”Kuman says.

“We have come to see this work as both a window and a mirror. The set, lighting and wardrobe are mostly second-hand, reimagined from their original context, just like the music and lyrics, ”Cohen explains. “They were born before our time, but we still feel a sense of belonging or stewardship. This experience arose out of the desire to create a piece that would both bridge a generational gap and ask their unresolved questions in a modern context. Just as Millennials inherited the problems left to us by previous generations, so too have we embraced their wisdom, warnings, and witticisms. “

From the iconic “Big Yellow Taxi” from Mitchell to “River” to “California”, Circle game is a heartfelt ode to the entire catalog of a Canadian icon. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s a show that will make you feel closer to the songs that inspired and defined a generation.

Circle game: reinventing the music of Joni Mitchell arrives at the Chilliwack Cultural Center on March 14 at 7:30 pm Tickets in Zone A are $ 45 for adults, $ 42 for seniors and $ 40 for youth. Tickets in Zone B are $ 39 and tickets in Zone C are $ 29. Tickets can be purchased at the Centre’s box office, online at, or by calling 604-391-SHOW (7469).

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