Art alive and well in Askamore circles

THERE WERE artistic delights to be discovered at Askamore Hall as the annual Charity Art Show made its long-awaited return.

n assisting artists with disabilities in Ireland, the event brought together 18 different local artists who presented a variety of works from landscape painting, portraits and sculpture.

Organizer Alison Bayne said it was great to see so many people attending the event to appreciate the works.

“The event went really well and I was delighted for the artists because a lot of people came and stayed for about half an hour because there was a lot to see.

“At the same time, we raised almost € 300 for disabled artists through donations because the exhibition was free to access.

“People came from far away and we were in the biggest room so there was a lot of space, which made people feel safe walking around. It was great that everyone had a connection with it. Askamore there but always wants to come and celebrate art in the community.

“It’s fantastic that we have such a talent for artists, especially young people, in a small village.”

Alison added that while it wasn’t the focal point, she was happy to see some artwork even being purchased by guests.

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