Adventure Club Comes Full Circle With Sophomore Album Release “Love // ​​Chaos”

After waiting almost 6 years, Adventure Club has returned to the limelight for the release of their highly anticipated second album “Love // ​​Chaos”. “Love // ​​Chaos” as a whole sums up the melodic bass and Adventure Club’s status as godfathers of the genre. The sounds of LOVE/CHAOS are sure to make longtime fans proud of their favorite combo while attracting new fans, indicating that the Adventure Club is reaching greater heights and entering a more mature stage in its adventure of production. Years in development, the album harkens back to the inventive duo’s early days and is sure to fire up listeners’ emotions with every track. The album touches on everything from melodic bass and searing dubstep to dynamic house, calling up the sounds of the duo’s iconic previous releases while exploring new sonic terrain.

“Love//Chaos is the culmination of everything we have learned, loved and lost throughout our career which began in 2011. We searched deep within ourselves for inspiration for this album. We have shared amazing experiences with so many people around the world. We also had to face our own demons, overcome some personal obstacles. I think we’ve tried to address a lot of what we’ve discovered over the past 10 years. We originally started Adventure Club with the goal of producing the heaviest dubstep imaginable…but after a few releases we really found solace and hit our stride with female vocals and adopted a more melodic bass approach. From there it was a whirlwind of trying to find ourselves and our sound, experimenting with different genres. Which finally brings us to today… This album is a true return to basics with a zest of other genres that we have come to love. We’ve collaborated with so many of our favorite artists on Love//Chaos. We greatly admire each of them and are honored to have worked with them. We can’t thank them and everyone who has been by our side for making this album as perfect as possible for us.adventure club

With technological expertise, each eye-catching collaboration perfectly complements Adventure Club’s music. LOVE/CHAOS teams up with famous vocalists like HALIENE, Dia Frampton, Sara Diamond and Justin Jesso, as well as a slew of production heavyweights like Said The Sky, Nurko and Blanke, to deliver music that audiences will love. longtime fans have been clamoring for it. From start to finish, this 25-track journey elevated the spinning synths in a gripping combination of passionate bass, compelling percussive patterns and soaring vocals, making Adventure Club’s second album well worth the wait. .

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