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ENID, Oklahoma. – A buffalo surrounded by a herd of scissor-tailed flycatchers practically emerged from the canvas on display in the lobby of NBC Oklahoma’s Enid branch.

The towering 84 x 60-inch oil on canvas titled “Homecoming,” painted by acclaimed artist John Newsom, was unveiled during the 17th edition of NBC’s Oklahoma Artist Series.

Newsom returned to his native Enid to celebrate his commissioned piece on Tuesday, December 28 that the bank hosted a celebration for his new work of art.

NBC Chairman Ken Ferguson kicked off the Bank’s annual Artist Series.

“We wanted something to give to our customers as holiday gifts, so if we were ordering a piece of art. We could hand out signed and numbered posters, postcards and prints, ”Ferguson said.

People came to NBC’s Altus, Enid, Kingfisher, and Oklahoma City locations just to see the art.

“John grew up across the street from me when I lived in Enid,” Ferguson said. “I knew him when I was little. For him, painting ‘Homecoming’ is amazing. It’s great for him to come home to show this new play and see his parents and teachers.

“Return to the homeland”

The “Homecoming” painting was based on many symbols of Oklahoma.

Born in Kansas and raised in Enid, Newsom uses pieces of Oklahoma’s flora and fauna to form the basis of many of his works.

A painting created in the vertical landscape of his current New York home, juxtaposed against the horizontal landscapes of Oklahoma, really came full circle in Newsom’s return to Enid.

“No matter how well known the work becomes, you are always outside of it because what you are disseminating to the world is the painting is the work of art, it is not the me”, Newsom said. “It is not about the physical self behind it, but about the work of art. It’s nice to be able to interact with an audience, when in reality, it’s the paintings that make the whole interface.

Newsom’s works, including “Homecoming,” will be at the Oklahoma Contemporary Museum for a retrospective titled “Nature’s Course” in March. The museum exhibit features 31 paintings from the past 20 years.

The Oklahoma Contemporary exhibition will run from March 24 to August 15, 2022.

John Newson signs a print for his painting “Homecoming” at NBC Bank on Tuesday, December 28, 2021. Newsom was in town to exhibit his art as part of the NBC Oklahoma Artist Series. (Billy Hefton / Enid News & Eagle)

“It’s a big deal,” Newsom said. “I’m working on the brother / sister painting of this ‘Homecoming’ painting. This is the title piece of the exhibition. He has a herd of buffaloes. (“Homecoming”) is the singular buffalo. I really read it as an allegorical self-portrait.

“The artist is the symbol of the return to the homeland. I painted this painting in New York and having it here at Enid is just amazing.

Newsom said that when Ferguson asked him to appear on the NBC Oklahoma Artist series, he was immediately drawn to the plan he was given.

A few of Newsom’s former teachers came to the reception on Tuesday to greet him.

“Ms. Dowma came by. She was my English teacher at Emerson and it was fantastic to see her,” he said. “One of my class assignments was to read ‘The Outsiders. ‘ Through the journey and the experience of life I was introduced to Matt Dillon, now he and I are very good friends. He was in the movie ‘The Outsiders’. He will participate in the programming of Oklahoma Contemporary.

To see his teacher befriending the actor in a movie based on a book that meant so much to Newsom in his youth, really touched him, he said.

Newsom has participated in exhibitions all over the world. The experienced artist has collections in dozens of famous galleries and museums. On January 22, Newsom will begin its Beijing debut.

“This is my debut in Enid. This is definitely a first and very, very close to the heart, ”he said. “I painted the ‘Homecoming’ picture with this in mind. Being here to share it made the trip very rewarding. Growing up here in my youth, I dreamed of going out and exploring the world as a painter. Now I’m back here to share it as a mature artist.

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