A Concealer Trick That Enlarges Eyes and Covers Circles

In a video shared on TikTok, the makeup artist explains the genius trick to enlarge her eyes. She begins the video with two different concealer placements on either side of her face.

On one, her concealer is applied in a horizontal line just below her eye, blending downward. “This will give you the inverted black circle effect. What this means is that this will make that area [of the face] it looks like it’s sticking out, and it makes your eye look a lot smaller,” she says.

So now let’s get to the handy trick you came here for: on the second side of her face, she applied concealer in a vertical line from the inner corner of her eye to about the middle of her nose. Additionally, she added a small dab of concealer to the outer corner of her eye. She then blends (using only her fingers) the concealer outward and toward her eye, as well as up and around the corner of her eye. “When you do this, you blend the concealer into the rest of the face and your foundation, and it helps the eye look bigger and more lifted,” she says.

For this option, a liquid dewy or soft creamy option will probably do best. We love ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer and Kosas Revealer Concealer (but you can also check this list for our other favorites).

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