6 ways to activate the civic circle of points of light around Ukraine

As Ukrainian refugees evacuate their homeland and begin to build new lives in new countries, you can support them. We’ve put together a collection of ways for you to enable Civic Circle and make an impact as the situation evolves and long-term recovery efforts begin.

Make a donation

Cash donations give organizations the flexibility to respond to people’s growing needs in real time. Do your research first to be sure that the organization you are considering supporting is legitimate. Points of Light has established the Ukraine Crisis Response Fund to channel support directly to our global network affiliates in and around Ukraine. We’ve also developed a list of other recommended organizations you can support.


Global Volunteer Month takes place throughout April. This is the perfect time to sign up as a volunteer, but please do not deploy yourself. There is limited access around humanitarian relief efforts at this time. Working in stride can be both dangerous and complex. It is safest to wait until the affected community has requested help, then coordinate with an approved organization. Find a Points of Light Global Network Affiliate in your area for the opportunity to support relief efforts from your home or your own community.

Listen and learn

Stay informed to know what the community needs. Follow Points of Light on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, where we share valuable updates and information from our affiliates and other organizations on ways to support Ukraine. You can also follow the first responders who act to know the most urgent needs. Plan to watch media that covers both conservative and liberal views.


By signing a petition, creating an artwork with a statement, or even keeping silent, you can make your voice heard. And of course, you can share to your own social media network to raise awareness of long-term recovery needs. Just be sure to choose reputable sources to ensure that you are spreading accurate information. Check out our issue of Civic Life Today on “Voice” for more on how to use yours effectively.

purchasing power

Your dollars can have an impact. You can choose to do business with companies that support relief efforts in and around Ukraine with the proceeds of your purchases. Participate in your own buycott by researching companies that sell the products and services you need. Some companies that do this work include Epic Games, maker of the popular video game, Fortnite. The company is distributing all proceeds from the game through April 3. Video game console maker Xbox has joined in the effort by also donating its net profits. Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched the “Meta History: Museum of War” collection, a series of NFTs that support the war effort in Ukraine. Grammarly, an English-language app, is donating $5 million to organizations and funds supporting the people of Ukraine.

To work

There is a growing movement in the business sector towards “doing well by doing good”. This ideal might look like giving to humanitarian relief efforts through employee matching, which not only supports the cause, but amplifies employee donations. Find out if your business supports Ukraine through donations and matching or other means.

Some companies that do this type of work include:

Bank of America, which has pledged to donate $1 million to the people of Ukraine through five groups: the Red Cross and Red Crescent network in Ukraine and the region, World Central Kitchen, Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, International Medical Corps and Project Hope. The bank also said it would match employee donations to support the relief effort.

KPMG Chairman and CEO Paul Knopp shared via Twitter: “At KPMG, we stand with and support the people of Ukraine, condemning the violent attacks by the Russian government. [sic]. Today, KPMG is making an initial donation of $250,000 to GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund and encourages our partners and professionals to donate as well.

Whether you activate all six elements of the Civic Circle or choose just one, you exercise your civic power. Which will you choose? Tag us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn to share your story with us.

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